SBK Live was originally a talk show that was on WTKS-FM Real Radio in OrlandoFlorida, United States.

The show started on Saturday nights on Real Radio 104.1. Then after… some things happened SBK Live was moved to weeknights from 7 to 11 pm ET. The program was a mix of current events and upcoming artists as well as being deeply rooted in the local community. Again, some things happened and SBK Live was cancelled. After some “Nah, nah, nah’s” by Soulbrother he decided to bring back SBK Live as a podcast. The guys got back together and did a few (182 to be exact) before Kevin was able to join 102.5 The Bone in Tampa. Soul Brother Kevin is currently hosting the “Soul Brother Kevin Show” weeknights from 7 to 9 on 102.5 The Bone, an FM station in Tampa FL.

Soulbrother Kevin

Soulbrother Kevin

Soul Brother Kevin started his radio career at Real Radio a long time ago. SBK interned with The Monsters in the Morning a quickly grew popular with listeners.

His talent immediately evident, it wasn’t long before he was hired by sister station 105.5 “The Beat” in Ft. Myers where he was number one in evenings for 2 years straight.

Soulbrother was the called back to Real Radio to Co-Host their mid-day show, The Shannon Burke Show.  Shortly after joining the show they hit #1 in the ratings. Kevin started his own show on Saturday nights, SBK Live. Immidiatly they were the first #1 weekend show the station had.

SBK Live was moved the every week night from 7-11, and again, first #1 rated night show the station had.

Now Kevin hosts a new show, Soulbrother Kevin Show on 102.5 The Bone in Tampa. And guess what it’s rated?

Soul Brother Kevin lends his name and time to a number of mentoring programs for Central Florida children and teens.

Angel Rivera

Angel started at Real Radio 104.1 as an intern for the Philips Phile. On the Phile, he pulled off one of the best bits in Real Radio history when he posed an exchange student from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

After Angel’s internship, he began working for Clear Channel Orlando’s Sports Talk Station where he hosted his own auto enthusiast program called, “Hot Ride Radio.” He also worked as an Assistant Promotions coordinator with one of Real Radio’s sister stations. During this time, Angel frequently made quest appearances on Real Radio.

Angel became a permanent fixture on Real Radio when he joined the SBK LIVE show on Saturday nights. Angel’s love of music led to a great segment on SBK Live; “What The Hell is Angel Listening To.”

Matt Opferman

Matt likes doing radio. He doesn’t have to, he’s a real estate mogul now.

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