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SBK Live Nights #549 – Tuesday September 27, 2011

SBK Live Nights is Soulbrother Kevin’s night show that aired on 104.1 in Orlando from 7pm to 11pm for 5 years.  These episodes are broken up into four separate segments per show.

On this episode of SBK Live Nights SBK, Cabin and Angel start the show discussing Nancy Grace and DTWS.  Then they get into what’s trending on twitter and move into Subtle Butt, the fart filter.

Angel lets us know What’s Buzzing on the Net to start hour 2. Steven Kramer stops by and lets us know about ex-wives. After that we get into the new facebook changes, again.

In the third hour Social networking and your privacy start us off.  Then we hear from our intern DJ Shuffles about facebook and google. Then to finish the hour out DJ Babylac stops by to sit in on the show.

Hour 4 opens with and our personal scores, we hit 6 million twitter impressions with our hashtag game, find out what the hell Angel is listening to, and talk about a mobile strip club.

Enjoy, FANGAZ!

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