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SBK Live Nights #614 – Tuesday January 17, 2012

SBKLive Nights is Soulbrother Kevin’s night show that aired on 104.1 in Orlando from 7pm to 11pm for 5 years.  These episodes are broken up into four separate segments per show.

We started the hour with some news… which lead into a lengthy conversation about sex offenders, including a call from a stripper!

At the top of the hour Angel lets us know what’s buzzing on the net; Attorney Steven Kramer is in the building and we chat about a man who got ten years for cop spitting, the buzz about SOPA, and a lawsuit based on unfair server/bartender wages

Dirty Bird from Tech Talk joins us at the top of the hour with more SOPA talk, DJ Baby Lac is in the studio with us and we learn Jay-Z drops the word “bitch” because of Blue Ivy

SBK tells us What the Hell Angel is Listening To, Rico from Charlotte calls in, and we chat about the increase in deaths when people walk about with headphones on

Enjoy, FANGAZ!

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