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SBK Live Nights #626 – Thursday February 2, 2012

SBKLive Nights is Soulbrother Kevin’s night show that aired on 104.1 in Orlando from 7pm to 11pm for 5 years.  These episodes are broken up into four separate segments per show.

Apparently Real Radio considers our show “urban.” Kevin shares his thoughts on the matter… Then he gives us interns a task of contacting Ryan Seacrest regarding his new contract with Clear Channel.

We start off the hour with a discussion on what we would sacrifice for a month of bill being payed. Then we see whats buzzing on the net with Angel.

We start off with our Local Music Showcase with Dark Citizen and the Undead Hiphop. Then we talk about SBK’s Star Trek wedding that he is attending.

We have Lady Raptastic on the show. The “Urban” talk continues and we take a lot of phone calls on the matter!

Enjoy, FANGAZ!

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