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SBK Live Nights #630 – Wednesday February 8, 2012

SBKLive Nights is Soulbrother Kevin’s night show that aired on 104.1 in Orlando from 7pm to 11pm for 5 years.  These episodes are broken up into four separate segments per show.

We start off the show with a huge appetite for wings!! We talk about dieting. We also talk about work situations and soda.

We start off the hour with some talk about the dunk contest. We check out whats buzzing on the net with Angel. Then we take a call from Robert.

We start off this hour with Cabins sports report. We talk about who has hotter fans. We than talk about the incident of Rihanna and Chris Brown being locked in a trailer for 5 hours together.

We start the hour talking about another Ponzi scheme that duped celebrities, Ed reads the prizes, and we close it out with a round of Sing Bitch from Mongo. Follow Mongo on twitter @MongoPeterson

Enjoy, FANGAZ!


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