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SBK Live Nights #578 – Monday November 7, 2011

SBKLive Nights is Soulbrother Kevin’s night show that aired on 104.1 in Orlando from 7pm to 11pm for 5 years.  These episodes are broken up into four separate segments per show.

We hear about Angel’s job opportunity he was struggling with last week. Then SBK remembers that he needs to find a place to live. Robert calls in to offer  Kevin a room. Soulbrother Kevin talks about competing stages at reggae concert over the weekend.  To finish up we hear from some gloating Ravens fans.

Hour 2 opens with the buzz, we meet Austin and Paul from the 16th annual LNO Car Show, and we touch on the Penn St. story involving Jerry Sandusky.

Chris Crespo, Orlando’s Movie Examiner, stops by to discuss the weekend box office, including In Time and Tower Heist. we play the movie chain game, and get into Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber’s troubles.

Weekend TV shows start off the hour, we talk about friends screwing each other over for money, and talk about a guy who claims to have purchased a $240 million lotto ticket but lost it, then get into dumb superstitions and wasting money on the lotto

Enjoy, FANGAZ!

Be sure to check out Chris Crespo’s Movie review podcast at

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